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source link This is a big and well known broker throughout the trading industry. It offers investing and trading services for nearly six million client accounts that total more than $400 billion in assets, and custodial services for more than 4,000 independent registered investment advisors. With clients placing, on average, approximately 400,000 trades each day, it maintains the leadership position it assumed when founder Joe Ricketts opened his doors in Omaha, NE, in 1975.

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  • Execution
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Review Summary:

oasis active dating agency All in all a very good broker worth checking out, no matter what kind of a trader you are. This review will cover these topics:

  • Tools and Platforms
  • Investment Products
  • Pricing
  • Education and Research

Tools and Platforms

Like any other big brokerage, their tools are well taken care off and are stable and usable.

Their\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m-dating-your-ex-quotes web platform features a clean interface that can be sluggish at times. But it is very usable and easy to operate.

Web platform screenshot:

tda web platform screenshot

The trade architect, is your personal research center for the market. With heat maps, charting tools, option strategy builder, real-time market data, news, market commentary and insights from the trading community and a live streaming tv feed from CNBC and Tastytrade.

The thinkorswim platform is a great trading platform, from the creators of Tastytrade. It includes trading tools and analytics to trade equities, options, futures, and forex in your own personal trading HQ with a live tv stream like the Trade Architect. This product features a charting package, market monitor, beta weighting calculator, pairs trading tool, easy paper trading, an options strategy roller and a company profile search.

Thinkorswim platform screenshot:

tda thinkorswim screenshot

Two bdsviss com mobile trading apps are available, for iPhone, iPad and Android. The TD Ameritrade Mobile App, lets you easily analyze and discover and make trades. And the TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader App takes is to the next level, and makes it possible to trade complex options options, futures and forex. With streaming CNBC and Tastytrade.

Screenshots of the mobile trading apps:

tda app 1 screenshot tda app 2 screenshot

Their web platform also allows for mobile devices to access the site. They are presented with a version specifically intended for mobile devices.

A long list of tools and calculators, is also available from them. These mostly help you calculate things like time value, cost of waiting and early payout of a retirement plan.

Investment Products

Although the do not provide access to international markets, they do provide pretty much everything else. Available are annuities, bonds and CDs, ETFs, Forex, futures, mutual funds, options and stocks.


They are not one of the cheaper brokers. And their standard fee of US$9.99 to trade stocks, ETFs and options is on the more expensive side. All their pricing shows that they are more focused on the longer term traders, that make infrequent big trades and hold those trades for long periods of time.

Education and Research

Their education section is mainly meant for inexperienced traders, with just a few videos and publications intended for expert traders. Top quality education nonetheless.

In-depth research is provided to customers for free by independent companies Morningstar, S&P Capital IQ, Thomson Reuters and Dowjones. Additionally they provide searches, screeners and wizards to easily find stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds or CDs that match your criteria.

All in all a very good broker worth checking out, no matter what kind of a trader you are.


  • No minimum amount is required to open a trading account with them.
  • Low fees for making big trades.
  • Good trading platforms.
  • Free independent research and market commentary.
  • Branch locations nation wide.


  • The fees they charge are usually higher than other brokers.
  • No access to international markets.
  • High fees for day traders.
  • Website can be slow at times.

User Reviews

  1. Mbaron

    • Execution
    • Reliability
    • Fees
    • Support
    • Rated 4 stars

    Recently, I joined the AmeriTrade financial group in hopes of finding better service for my

    stocks. With the incredible trading tools and support that the company provided me with, I

    was able to profit substantially. The AmeriTrade financial firm allowed me to better educate

    myself on my stock options by offering excellent in depth resources and access to a wide ranging

    selection of investment options. Their guidance has been the most dependable and professional

    that I have come across within the industry.

    Ameritrade permits provisions to massive trading platforms which allow for a full selection

    of investment choices at an incredible deal. With the superior courses and webcasts that

    AmeriTrade does for the educational benefit of their clients, it is so simply to gain better

    more dependable stock options to profit from. They have only the most experienced and

    trustworthy representatives on staff and were able to help me anytime I needed it with one on

    one experienced and qualified support.

    The platforms and tools that AmeriTrade employs allow me to be the type of investor that I want

    to be. Their service is suitable for all manners of traders whether they are active or more long

    term oriented. With platforms on the web, mobile devices and even platforms that are easily

    downloaded, AmeriTrade is simply for anyone to access. Their premier investment choices were

    very helpful for me given that I have a lower budget than some clients.

    I was able to quickly and easily trade and invest with the advantageous access that I gained

    from AmeriTrade’s financial services. With a selection that ranges from equities, bonds and

    cds, options, forex trading and so much more, you are provided with the unique ability to put

    diversity into your portfolio. The value that I found with AmeriTrade is absolutely unmatched

    by any other financial group in the industry. They feature the best service at the most reasonable

    price with a flat rate commission on all of your online equity trades.

    With the independent research performed by AmeriTrade, an investor can easily locate the best

    possible choice for their stock option requirements. This allows you to profit without all of the

    time and unnecessary hassle that comes with other financial groups. I truly gained a vast amount

    of experience with AmeriTrade and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Continuing to work with

    them for all of my stock needs is a top priority for me.

  2. Ainslee Martell

    • Execution
    • Reliability
    • Fees
    • Support
    • Rated 4 stars

    TD Ameritrade is one of the most popular trading sites in the United States of America, and such a position on the market comes with all the benefits and disadvantages one might expect from a market leader. I have a fair amount of experience trading through their platforms, and I definitely experienced both pros and contras of their business.
    I would like to start stating that I really liked their platform at first. It looked relatively intuitive, and it proved to be rather easy to use. Most of the functionalities I needed were easily found, and for any question I had I managed to get an answer to quite fast. They have several versions of platforms available, and these include online web platform, their trading platform Trade Architect, thinkorswim which is a platform intended for professional and more advanced users, and there is of course a mobile version of the trading platform (which I find very useful and easy to use by the way).However, there was one major problem that happened a few times, and it was the problem with logging in. You can understand how important it is to act quickly on a trading market, and I got very frustrated when I was unable to access my account.
    They do not charge the usage of their platforms, but profit from commission fees for trading. There are several features that are a part of your subscription, and some of them can be of serious use when it comes to making educated and informed trading decisions. Two of them that I like the most are myTrade Community and Objective Research. At myTrade Community it is possible to share ideas with other traders. I got some very useful information here on several occasions, and I suggest you to check it out. Objective Research includes access to third party research related to trading market, where you can get valuable insight into market trends, analysis, opinions and similar.
    All these positive things considered, there are still quite a few negative aspects of working with them that usually have to do with the position of market leader. Their customer service is not very accurate or fast to respond to user inquiries, and incidents occur a bit too often. Sometimes I get the feeling that they prioritize their users somehow, perhaps based on the amount of money they can earn from them, so I am probably the last on the list. This does not justify the disregard though. They also had a security breach about a year ago, so some people lost quite a bit of money. Fortunately I was not one of them, but it did get me somewhat concerned about my further work with them.
    To conclude, even though I get increasingly worried about trading with them, the thing that keeps me there is the fact that they still hold the high position on the market, their platforms are intuitive to use, and I still have not had any major issues that would make me change my decision.

  3. Michael Franks

    • Execution
    • Reliability
    • Fees
    • Support
    • Rated 4 stars

    Are you a busy stock investor with a tight schedule like me? Are you worried that you have no enough time stay glued to your computer in order to monitor how the market is changing and make appropriate transactions? Then worry no more. Allow me to share with you my amazing experience with TD Ameritrade. I was introduced to TD Ameritrade by a friend about five months a go and I am already in love with it. I am no longer required to be next to my computer in order to check on my stock investments and market changes. I can now do all that from my smart phone courtesy of TD Ameritrade.

    I am not campaigning for them but this website is just amazing. Here you have a choice to choose two great mobile trading applications that enable you you to monitor your investments anytime even when away from your computer. All you need is a smart phone and internet connectivity. TD Ameritrade has enabled me to trade, research and even manage my accounts remotely even when when I am away from my computer. This has helped me a lot because I am always aware of what is happening in the market all the time and I can now make more informed choices.

    The TD Ameritrade does not offer only a single application to its customers. There are two apps. The TD Ameritrade mobile and the TD Ameritrade Mobile trader. I have used both apps and the experience is just amazing. The applications are well designed and are compatible with many mobile phones. You do not, need to have a specific type of the phone in order to use these apps. I have changed my mobile phone twice and all I need is to install the apps to my new device and I am good to go.

    The apps are well designed with great graphics and resolution. The TD Ameritrade always ensure that their systems are up to date and all the apps are running well. Data and customer privacy is well secured within the TD Ameritrade database. You are always sure that your trading information is safe even when you lose your mobile phone. Additionally, the apps come with passwords that are only known by users. User should first of all key in their passwords in order to access their accounts.

    Using these apps is very easy when compared with other mobile trading applications. The apps also comes with a well detailed user guide that helps new users to learn on how to use the apps before using them. The TD Ameritrade customer support and relations admins are very cooperative. They are always ready to help their customer whenever they need assistance on how to help the apps. You can request for a demo app and the TD Ameritrade can make arrangements for that.

    The TD Ameritrade has really helped me a lot and I am now able to monitor my stock investments and continue with my day to day tasks without worry. I now visit my computer when there is a lot of work to do and my trading activities are now convenient than before. The TD Ameritrade has really exploited technology in favor of stock traders. With just my mobile phone I am in business like anyone else.

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