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This site offers live video education shows, trade ideas, newsletter and a live trades mobile app.

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http://broadwaybathrooms.com/?deribene=optiontime-demokonto&9f4=3f All in all a great resource for learning about trading.

order Priligy in Sterling Heights Michigan There is so much free quality content here it’s ridiculous. This site offers 8 shows that you can watch all for free. Tastytrade is a financial network that is created by the same people who made thinkorswim, a company bought by Ameritrade. The shows are mainly about stocks and options with some occasional futures mixed in. And they even trade during the shows. They also offer an app that streams trades right to your phone or tablet, but the app is the only thing that comes at a premium.

paga iqoption com This site features:

  • Shows
  • Trade Ideas
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Bob the Trader


enter They have a bunch of live shows. And besides that shows each have their own page on which you can view the pages, you can also browser all episodes of all shows filtered on your experience as a trader. The different filters are: New Investor (0 to 100 trades a year), Intermediate Investor (100 to 1,000 trades a year) and Advanced Investor (1,000+ trades a year).

Tastylia Uk The following are descriptions for all their shows.

Get Tasted

enter Aired Mon–Fri | LIVE 7:00–11:00 am/CT

iq optiov In their own words:

Cut through the noise pumped out of every pore of the usual financial media with our flagship show that started it all. Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista take their decades of experience and translate it so you can make the most of any market. Their daily four-hour program also includes interviews with entrepreneurs, Best Practices, Market Measures, Good Trade Bad Trade and much more. Bottom line? Increasing your probability of success – that’s a good trade.

This was their first show. The hosts are two very experienced traders. I think you are going to especially like the interviews. But most of all this show will help your probability of success.

The LIZ and JNY Show

Aired Mon–Fri | LIVE 11:00 am-12:00 pm/CT

In their own words:

Ex-market makers (and Moms) Liz and Jenny show you that it takes less time than you think to do more with your money. They break down the trades so you know what to do and why to do it. But this isn’t preschool, this is where smart traders get smarter. Go ahead, sharpen that pencil.

A show targeted at traders with experience, but that want to learn more. Two very sharp ladies are the hosts of this show.


Aired Mon–Fri | LIVE 12–1:00 pm/CT

In their own words:

Veteran trader, hedge fund manager and mentor Steve Miller is better known around these parts as Slim, although his market insights are anything but. Slim looks at everything—charts, news, technology, temperament and more—to create a complete picture of the markets. And every day at 12:45pm, he takes calls at 855-238-2789 from listeners looking for more wins.

This host is a veteran trader that has a wide interest in everything connected with trading. And for an hour long he will talk about his wide view of the markets. If you want to talk to this hedge fund manager you can during the show, because he accepts calls no a special number you can call to get on the show.

Shadow Trader Uncovered

Aired Mon–Fri | LIVE 1:00–2:00 pm/CT

In their own words:

ShadowTrader Uncovered is your chance to see your two favorite Shadowtraders live every day. From swing trading, to what happened in the earlier hours of the trading day, to interactive stock challenge updates, Peter and Brad bring a full hour of trading talk exclusively to the tastytrade network. Watch the team live from Philadelphia as they bring you more technical analysis, market profiles and sector rotation strategy that could only come from the Shadowtraders.


Where do I Start?

Aired Mon–Fri | LIVE 2:00–2:15 pm/CT

In their own words:

Follow Tom and his daughter, Case, as he guides her through the trading basics. Case will get the answers she needs (you need them, too!) when Tom breaks down the same trading mechanics he uses daily.

This show is very good for people who want to learn to trade. It follows A dad (host of another Tastytrade show) teaching his daughter about trading. These videos walk you through almost all questions beginners have when starting to trade or when you have not started trading yet.

Last Call

Aired Mon–Fri | LIVE 2:15–3:00 pm/CT

In their own words:

Tim Knight, Tom and Tony talk about the best way to end the trading day and predict where the windows of opportunity will present themselves the next day.

A show that you can use to get ideas from for the next trading day. Or how to finish the current trading day. They talk about a great number of different symbols.

Chasin Warren

In their own words:

Chasin’ Warren is a new web series about you, your money, and chasing your dreams.

This is a show for kids. Teaching them about money and investing.

Cancel Crash

In their own words:

A tastytrade special documentary on the stock market crash of 1987.

This is not a show, but a documentary that they made on the crash of 1987.

Trade Ideas

This is a single page that caters to both Bulls and Bears trading options. You can see what they think about Strategy, max loss, max profit, probability of profit, expiration and capital requirement for that day. They also have short description about the stock they offer as an idea, including 52-week high, 52-week low, dividend yield and volatility.

Below it you can find their “Good Trade Checklist”, which walks you through liquidity, volatility, price-action, expiration, probability and protection. It is a more textual explanation of the data in the tables offered above.

Below that, they describe their thoughts on why trading this seems logical to them.

Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Bomb is their newsletter. It features a short little text about the current state of the market and below it the schedule of today’s shows. Short and sweet.

Bob the Trader

Bob the Trader is their mobile app and live trades platform. Besides the possibility to watch (or only listen) to the live show through the app, you can also see the live trades. To get the live trades you first have to subscribe, and then Bob’s your uncle. The prices are listed below. For what it’s worth, the main screen looks like this:

bob the trader

And the subscription gives you a screen that looks like this:

bob the trader trades screen

All in all a great resource for learning about trading.


Pretty much everything is free on this site. The only thing you have to pay for are the live trades that they can send to the mobile app.


These prices are from the subscription you can get in the ‘Bob the Trader ‘ app. All the other stuff is free.

  • $26,99 per Week
  • $89,99 per Month


Visit their site: http://www.tastytrade.com/

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    Only thing that would make tasytrade better would be expanding to 24/7 schedule.

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