Stock Guy 22 review„1¤7/a indicatori opzioni binarie infalibili a href= This service provides a lot of educational information and tools to help with learning to trade.

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Review Summary:

source link All in all a nice education site. But don’t count on their ideas to make you rich. This website is a hub with many tools and information to help you with your trading. It features three membership options that we will discuss below. The features of the second membership (Gold) are also included with the thirt one (Diamond). The memberships are:

  • The Bull & Bear Weekly Newsletter
  • The Gold Membership
  • The Diamond Membership

The Bull & Bear Weekly Newsletter is a colaborative effort between 4 traders @ Frank (stockguy22), Jim (jstantrades), Jeff (cerebraltrades), Rob (stockdarts) offering up 2-3 trade ideas and things that they are wathching each week. The trades are typically swings from a few days to a few weeks or longer.

The Gold Membership

sistema de comercio electrónico del modelo negocio a negocio The Gold Membership is intended for swing traders that don’t have enough time to trade the whole day. Below we discuss some of the options this membership features.


go to link This feature is a library of old charts that they published. It goes back to 2010 and is added to regularly. You can learn from their analysis  and the swing trades on these charts, but I woudln’t make any real trades based off these charts.

Premium Videos

click here Again a library of sorts that contains charting sessions. A good opportunity to learn about charting and analysis.

Swing Positions Picks

This is where Stock Guy publishes several swing trades he is holding. A nice risk and reward analysis is published with each pick But I wouldn’t make any trades solely on these picks, because he will sometimes hold on to stocks very long that can cripple small traders.

Stockguy22 Private Twitter Feed

This is a twitter feed only paying members can see. It features his live trades that show charts, comments, targets and stops. Although often he will not respect his own stops and he will take heavy (50%) losses on trades and still keep them going. Most of the trades he closes that you can see in his feed are profitable, which is not an accurate view of his actual balance, because he has both realized and unrealized PnL. But don’t bother asking him about it, because he will just tell you to quit the service.

Free Webinars

A great way to learn about trading strategies, analysis, charting, psychology and other trading topics.

Trading Plan Video

A great way to help you develop you own trading plan specific to your account size and your goals. It reviews risk versus reward, position sizing and more ways to personalize your trading plan.

Stock and ETF Scans

A simple scanner that will find stocks and ETFs that have the properties that you specified.

Archive of the most recent Tymora Pro Alerts

Tymora Pro is a product by Yourika Corp. that has a feed you can follow on Stockguy22. The alerts listed are the most recent alerts created by Tymora Pro and are nice if you are looking for specific chart movements that you might want to act on, but you have to remember that the Gold members don’t have access to the real-time alerts from Tymora Pro. This is just an Archive.

Options Analysis Tools

A nice way to analyze possible options trades. It shows you historical volatility, pinning, usual trades and open interest.

Social Media Search

This tool shows if there is specific news for a stock you are looking to trade.

The Diamond Membership

The Diamond membership is intended to be used by active traders that can trade the whole day and act upon real-time events. It features tool for trading stocks, options and futures. They trade often using the e-mini S&P, Dow, Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 e-mini.

This membership includes all the features of the Gold membership above. Below we discuss about the features that are exclusive to the diamond membership.

Private Coaching

With this membership you get access to someone that can answer your questions on trades and analysis using email and skype.

Live Chat, Audio and Alerts

This gives you a chat with other members and moderators, a squawk box that gives analysis during trading hours and alerts that shows entries and exitst when they make a trade. I would only recommend to use these trades as ideas and not as copy-and-paste trades.

Real-time Alerts by Tymora Pro

These are the real-time alerts from the Tymora Pro product from Yourika Corp. Use these to get ideas to trade.

All in all a nice education site. But don’t count on their ideas to make you rich.


One Month Diamond membership trial for $30, that give access to everything the site has to offer.


Bull and Bear Weekly Newsletter

  • $40 per Month.

Gold Membership

Diamond Membership

  • $169 per Month


Visit their site:

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