Coghlan Capital ES Trades Service review This service provides live trades, alerts and an intraday commentary.

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Coghlan Capital ES Trades Service
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Review Summary:

see url Overall this looks like a good service, provided by an excellent trader.

source url This service features:

  • Live trades
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Intraday commentary

enter site This service is delivered by “TraderJ”. On the Coghlan Capital site we find this about him: “… TraderJ, an experienced trader that has extracted millions of dollars from the market for his own account.”. Unfortunately not a very detailed account of the trader. And although Coghlan Capital has proven to be a reliable company in previous reviews, this will hurt the review score of this service.

Live Trades This service is all about trading Emini S&P futures in real time. During the day TraderJ will analyse the market and post his insight and trades. When he posts trades he will indicate his entries, exits, stops and the rationale for each. He uses median line analysis as his analysis tool of choice. And his minimum risk reward on each entry is at least 1:4. The trades he takes are mostly intraday, but he also seems to take longer term trades once in a while.

Real Time Alerts

go site The Real time alerts that can be set up with this service is quick and simple and will only arrive in the 8am to 4pm window that TraderJ posts his trades.

Intraday Commentary During the day TraderJ will also post Intraday commentary. Where he mentions support and resistance, evolving ranges and news or Fed actions that may cause volatility or moves.

click here Overall this looks like a good service, provided by an excellent trader.


Coghlan Capital ES Trades Service does not have a trial.


  • $ 199.95 per Month
  • $ 529.95 per Year


Visit their site:

User Reviews

  1. Bourne2N

    • Updated
    • Content Quality
    • Reliability
    • Rated 5 stars

    Trading in financial market is both easy and difficult. It is difficult when you are a novice and don’t have a clue and losing money. It is easy when you are either an expert or copying the trades of an expert. And there are a number of fake or real experts ready to let you take a full view of how they are trading so that you can make some quick money by just mimicking their trades. The number of such trading chartrooms has mushroomed and it is not easy to choose the right place. But our search continues.

    So when you come across Coghlan Capital, you may feel “Ohh, another one”. But is this like so many others? Let’s take a look at the people who run the show there. The whole business is run by only four guys; Paul Coghlan (the founder), Ben Drage, Andrew Maguire (a former Goldman Sachs trader) and a mysterious Trader.J. They all have years of experience. I think this is a good thing as they don’t put up anybody as a trader; quality does not come with quantity.

    Services include
    1. “Daily morning analysis” (10-20 charts covering currencies, precious metals, emini S&P showing support, resistance and low risk entry points)
    2. “Live Metals Trades with Andrew Maguire” (real time trade alerts, weekly commentaries)
    3. “Real time forex trades with Paul Coghlan”
    4. Real time Emini S&P trading with Trader.J (no other description provided).
    The service is costly. You have to subscribe to the above mentioned services separately, the costs of which are as follows

    Morning analysis – $99.95 per month, $259.95 per quarter and $959.95 per year
    Live Metals Trade – $499.95 per month, 1295 per quarter and $4995.95 per year
    Real Time Forex Trade – $299.95 per month
    ES Trading – $199.95 per month and 529.95 per year

    Looks expensive? May be but going by user feedbacks, the services look worth the fees. There is also another service “Cross Pair Analysis” run by Ben Drage, which provides analysis of currency pairs not involving USD. The real time trade alerts are generated automatically, i.e. when a trade is placed a registered user is automatically notified by an alert message. All the trades are recorded and can be viewed by all; so there is no chance of any kind of future manipulations. Also public webinars are held each Monday and Thursday. Unfortunately no free trial is available; the only ‘free’ trial is available at $9.95 for three days.

    In my opinion, the services, especially the precious metals trading, are suitable for serious traders. Also you need to have some sizable fund to trade to avail of the full benefits. User reviews are pretty encouraging; grapevine has it that almost all the trades end up in profit. Some even rated it the best. So if you are not too risk averse, take the plunge; the reward can be generous.

  2. sub.india57

    • Updated
    • Content Quality
    • Reliability
    • Rated 5 stars

    Subsribed to this service a long time now and made a nice profit. I would call this service steady and profitable. Even though there are some down days, the overall trend is up, as long as you make sure you follow all trades. And having an account big enough to buy at least 1 E-mini S&P (ES) futures contract… of course.

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